Tuesday, April 19, 2005

New Age Noah's Ark

It's school holiday and I'm testing out my misleading teaching abilities with my brothers. I was hoping that they would bring their previous test papers which could help me to study their areas of weaknesses and strengths and then tackle the right angle (fuiyooo!!). They brought none. So I desperately searched through the papers for those 'Pendidikan' supplement hoping there'd be something useful to use as an instant test papers. Suddenly I got sunked!

English for Science & Technology is one interesting subject.. for me! I remember watching this group of UPM students who proposed using rice husks. How? Well, first of course they'd suspend the oil slick using the floatline before a tanker comes to shoot rice husks unto it. Collected rice husks together with oil that sticks to it will then be squeezed to regather the oil. Even when the proposal was moved theoretically, we can point out a lot of flaw in it.

Not until the idea below came about, a new hope to save the earth's creatures, just that this time, they just need to stay put. Thanks to Dr. Omar Chaalal.
Now I wonder if any of this vessel is already carrying out its purpose.


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