Thursday, April 21, 2005

One is Born yet One has Gone.

19th July, 2004. Congratulations Shaliza and Feizril on your newborn, Naydine Falisha. Congratulations too uncle for finally getting the 'datukship'.

Tengok! Lagi sorang penat penat berenang seberang Selat kali ni dah tak dapat Datuk dah. The title of this article was supposed to be 'Sign cheques for wedding, new tactics to get Datukship", but then the thunder belongs to those two lah.Didn't bring my digicam so I can post the pix here. Just when it striked me that I should go visit you and then I get to visit everyone one shot!Seeing how the baby slept so soundly although the sound coming outta the grandma's mouth was comparable to the radio-non stop... ok lah, she must've practised well while eavesdropping in the stomach.

But I wonder if she's already used to Shakira, her mom and her grandma altogether yapping talking. She's as fair as the mother, tapi nasib baik kepala dia martian macam bapak dia (yeah my kepala like Klingon), so betul laa, kan!
20th July, 2004.


Al Fatihah to my late Uncle Rashid, the person who got me closest to nature when I used to spend time with his family during my primary school holidays.He showed us what it's like to spend time in the kebun, getting chased by the geese, feeding hens, plucking rambutans, stepping onto 5x1 inch length green worm (alien!), eating cendawan sisir in scrambled eggs, porcupine meat, pigeon soup, deer meat, learn how to slaughter poultries, how to run a laundry shop... at the end of his day he is still be so warm and friendly. Anyone who sees him will notice his smiling eyes and he'll have so much stories to share. His hospitality is undescribable. My first beach holiday (at PD) was his and aunty Na's effort, it seemed like the longest journey then. He brought me to Seremban once and I get to witness the grandest wedding in my life. Grandest because it was really full of honest, help and laughter and adat. Uncle Rashid had slaughtered a lamb as a gift, he put the head right behind my seat and I had the longest headache smelling it all the way to Seremban. The smell of mutton always reminds me of that trip and wedding. The only wedding I know that serves Ikan Sembilang gulai tempoyak and it tasted superb! The bride and groom were carried around the kampung on seats mounted on bamboo sticks. I was too busy staring at a mount of sand with lots of bees around it. His diabetes caused him to lose one of his leg, his eye sights were badly affected too.But he still greeted me and anyone else with his smiling eyes and mouth while keeping his face just 3 inches from the tv monitor. It was him who kept us entertained after 10 yrs we've not met and my intentions was to accompany him for awhile coz I was too lazy to take the effort the years before.Being with God is a better place, walk in the orchard, have all the animals you always wanted to rear and not worry about thieves anymore, see things in colour again and entertain ppl around you with your stories. Thank you uncle, it's been a priviledge knowing you, hope to see you again in our next life.

Visit your friends, visit your relatives too.


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