Thursday, April 21, 2005

Stop Nurturing this National Flower

It’s plague-some on normal days. It’s the flower which fully bloom on the fields and the audience seats after every sports events, by the roadsides after every pasar malam, in the rivers near squatters area, even in the drawers in our own kitchen, it's everywhere!

In our country, the highest harvest for it is during fasting month. We’ll find red, pink, blue, grey 'flowers' easily. We buy two currypuffs, they go into one small plastic bag, then we order four pulut udang, they go into another small plastic bag. When we buy dishes with gravy, we’ll go back and throw the plastic bag away because it's wet and smelly therefore not suitable to be kept for future use.

Best of all, we can’t reuse the tiny plastic bags which accompany the kuehs, so although they are dry and can be stored, but then, there’s already a hundred of them in the Toyogo 3 tiers drawer. It’s been a week of shopping for food at bazaar jodoh juadah, the drawer in the kitchen is full. So we always resort to throwing the tiny dry plastics away. Not over yet, we need to spend money in order to throw all these plastics; 50 pieces of garbage bags for RM5.00.

The nature is firstly consumed by this negligence, secondly our own beloved descendants will suffer in ways I don't want to imagine. Can we please start these:

When we have a specific item to buy and we know we will head straight home right after, prepare a suitable kind of storage from home to carry the item in.

Okay, first week of fasting, we are still impulsive shoppers, we can’t think straight once we see good looking guys, ok I lied, there's none, when we see pretty chics.

Cum second week, we’ll know that we want just ayam perchik which goes with the nasi tomato at home. So bring proper containers. We know we are sick of air sirap and wanna buy air tebu and just kueh (we know we'll get that tiny plastics again), bring proper containers!
What on earth is the difference of carrying two pieces of DVD in the plastic bag when it takes also just one hand to hold both all the way into the car? We won't seem less sophisticated!. This kind of purchase is usually specific, you’ll get in your shorts and slippers, buy DVD and go home. Just like buying ciggy. Skip the plastic bag, or it’ll end up filling up your paper basket, what a clean garbage. This is one flower which is hardest to biodegrade, it takes a thousand years.

I loathe seeing grocery items being separated into many different plastics when it only takes me 3 minutes to carry them from the car to my kitchen. So, just chuck them all as long as the plastic bag won't break!
The things which need different kinda handling are just eggs, tofu, bread oh well, they’re not so many right?

God loves us so much, we are born in the age when the greenery is still around us and at the same time we're able to indulge in modern living. Yet we take it for granted. Yet too, there are people who still consider taking up roadside sweeping and garbage collecting. Thank goodness.
Let’s just please practise unconditional love, yes, it sounds so mushy. Unconditional love is about caring, be thoughtful, then make it a habit, for nature and people around us regardless of whether we get anything in return or not.


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