Thursday, April 21, 2005

Presentation about God

Gone were the days I used to get really nervous if the GM or the Sales Manager needed to walk into my room or if they needed to call me very late at night since they hardly need to do that. Coz I'd walk into their rooms and update them everything they need to know about work. Informal stuff are usually shared during breakfast or social hours after work. I always had the impression that I might have done something wrong or did not do something good enough for them if they need to visit me like that.

Our new Sales Manager has been with us for only the past 6 months. I don't know about the rest but I am so excited because we've been without one for more than a year on 'auto-pilot' mode, when emergency situations strikes, it sometimes does get pretty ugly.

Now, surely there must be something new to learn from him.

To my surprise, not only have I learnt more tricks-of-the-trade with regards to distribution business, I learnt many other things everyone would dream of getting from their elder brother.

A pair of birds drop by my office window once in awhile. From the way they gaze at each other and chirp towards the world, you'd know that they're such a happy couple, utterly contageous gestures. I imagined that maybe the angels might've sent them to come by to cheer up a few or maybe hundreds of people that way.

The boss opened my door after a few months working here and said: See, that's my bird, the one with one white strip under his right wing.

I said: No! It's mine!

The boss said: Which one? There's two of them.

I said: Both! I knew them first!

The boss: I feed them you know, that's why they come so often. U feed them or not?

I said frowningly: Noooo.

The boss: They're miiiine!

The boss: Have you checked your email?

I frantically clicked 'get messages', we're on two co-marketing projects in December and I was paranoid again if there's something I might have forgotten to do.

I received an
email from him which I now want to share with all of you. Just click 'View Presentation'. It's non multimedia rich so it'll take you only two minutes to view the whole thing.
Of course, I'll always add my take on top of other's take. The last piece of slide that says 'I'm always here'. Do we understand now why He tells us not to do certain things which makes us get hi, hallucinate, furious overboard and the likes?
Because during that moment will our thoughts about Him disappear, we then may physically or mentally hurt someone, get vulnerable like being raped, steal to obtain more intoxicants, overspend and forget the poor and so on. Now do we still think it is too much for Him to ask us not to forget Him even for a single second anymore by staying away from intoxicants? Because He is always there for all of us, unconditionally.
But... only when we embrace the nature around us will we be able to define ourselves through the way He shares His love... just through observing every second of His actions and by just appreciating our own existence.
He is really aaaalways there, do we always notice?
*I'm only human too.


Blogger ponchorello said...

I hereby name this new and unchartered blogspot - the new world.
*plonks a flag in the sand*

1:40 AM  
Blogger Maine said...

Oi belum la

3:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, just saw the presentation and i recognise its christianity based foundations in its messages. But it was nice to share anyways.

For a muslim, God has Time in His hands (it is His creation) and therefore not subjected to it.

We are not His children but aims to be His faithful servants.

And when knowing that He is always there means everywhere - not just in the sky / heavens etc..
He is closer to us than our veins.. we are nothing save for what He bestows upon us..

And finally, everything we need to know is in the Holy Quran. We are to get guidance from it - the best one could find.

Thank you.

2:30 AM  

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