Monday, February 06, 2006

Message of Peace

It was the first day of work and we stayed in late in anticipation of horrendous traffic. I deleted so many forwarded emails regarding the cartoon that insults the Prophet. In spite of that, a few colleagues were reading out loud the news to me.

On the contrary, I asked them in what way is it possible that we are brothers and sisters. One free thinker colleague answered, "Through Adam!"
I'm amazed how apprehensive she is about history.

"But that made me wonder if we're all practising incest!" She said.

Hmm.... okaaaayyyy, that's a good one.

Now what makes this Danish cartoonist feel he's on the right edge and compelled to provoke?

"Nine things the Lord has commanded me:
Fear of God in private and in public;
Justness, whether in anger or in calmness;
Moderation in both poverty and affluence;
That I should join hands with those who break away from me;
And give to those who deprive me;
And forgive those who wrong me;
Andthat my silence should be meditation;
And my words remembrance of God;
and my vision keen observation," (Razin)

The above is Prophet Muhammad's sayings.

A great part of the Prophet's mission was to bring peace to the world. One way of doing so was to convince people tha tall men and women, although living in very different regions of the world, and seemingly different from one anther in colour, culture and language etc were in fact each other's blood brothers and sisters.

Among his preach to his followers: "You are all Adam's offspring and Adam was made of clay." And in his prayers to his Creator, he would say, "O Lord, all your servants are brothers."

He would also tell the people that, "every religion has some special virtue, that of Islam being modesty." He never made others feel small, unwanted or embarrased. He urged his followers to do likewise, to release slaves whenever possible, and give alms, especially to very poor people, orphans and prisoners-without any thought for reward.

The above is taken from a book called "Goodnight Stories from the Quran". Published by Goodwordbooks.

My free thinker friend's chirpy yelp to answer me was enough to tell me that in our country, there's still hope for us to live in harmony despite our differences.


Blogger Desparil said...

we're not brothers & sisters lah.. cousins..

6:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, never. He just asked who would kill this one and that one when they spoke against him.

2:53 PM  
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