Monday, May 15, 2006

Cavities in Creativity.

  • A freelance MENSA speaker shared an interesting analysis about the changing level of creativity among human beings.

    He presented the first illustration:

    This analysis was conducted by NASA on 100 newly born babies. Till the age of 5 their creativity level in terms of movement, vocal and illustrative ideas is rated at 95%.

    When they reach the age of 12, the creativity level decreased to 47%.

    I'll jump straight to what the findings look like towards the same set of babies when they reach 25.

    The creativity level went down to 12%!

    This addresses my personal fear, in being one of the 12%.

    When I rock climb, I thought for hours what my next step should be when climbing slim branced trees 25 years ago was a jiffy.

    I needed someone to remind me of songs played 15 years ago which I used to sing along so many times.

    I used to wear knee length jackets, funky belts, scarfs and shawls to work. Now I buy everything in one suit, I just can't pull off a good mix and match to look unique anymore.

    This makes me ponder:

    The moment we go to school, we read the same books. The teachers tell us what to say and what to memorise. Our parents tell us not to waste time in sports and arts.

    The moment we became teenagers, we dress up according to what we see in pop magazines.

    Now what's most scary is, when we're about to live on our own.

    In the morning, we get dressed the same way, squeeze our toes into all covered shoes, get in the car and everyone goes towards the same direction - to work.

    In the office, we started as ourselves - we talk to reflect our personalities. Give it a month to see if we tend to talk the way our colleagues do.

    Lunch, we eat what everybody eats. Evening, we have coffee where everybody drinks and at night do what everybody does - clubbing or eat out.

    When we go home, it's beginning to be the same type of habitat - pigeon holes! Enough that we drive ourselves into the car park everyday, get in the lift to reach our office maybe a few times in a day. We repeat the same sequence when we reach home and again fit ourselves in four walls - YeeHaaa pigeon holes hoppers!

Phewwwhhh. All that limited space!

If there is any awards that should go to the best psychoanalysis made about the Malaysian consumers' behaviour, I say it should go to the Mamak chain of restaurateurs. They give us temporary freedom! It doesn't require them to pay Accenture to come up with market intelligence pun to set up their million ringgit cash business.

The only way we could put ourselves under the sky in open space is probably by being by the beach, we can't do that often. At least on daily basis is during dinner and supper, we go to kedai mamak just for a teh tarik, not inside the shop but on the road side. Our subconscious mind is telling us something. Free yourselves from the monotony others create!


Anonymous Crash Bandicoot said...

I do agree to what u've just said. Likewise, i do have my personal fears. It is just a manner of how one deals with it. I do feel choked with the limitations of today's world. How do u escape from the monotonous life, to me it is just impossible?

1:40 AM  
Blogger Maine said...

crash bandicoot, a friend suggested to me once:
how about taking different routes to work so we'd get to see different things.

and in Time Management studies, we're taught that it is not a theory that we must spend some quality time for ourselves each day just to listen to ourselves (meditate or prayers or keep silent)

I only knew myself in my 20's, after I stop following others go clubbing, stop spending hours in shopping malls; where everybody is. I discovered my own hobbies and myself. For a change, I saw a few ppl following it; trying to discover themselves.

7:27 PM  
Blogger Lars said...

Very interesting. Free your mind of thoughts and your creativity will blow up. We all live thinking I have to do this I have to do that, then we are wired to our own thoughts.

8:55 AM  

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