Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Respect Muhammad s.a.w like He respected Jesus

A beautiful article by Dr. Chaalal that I really must share to commemorate this Holy months of Ramadhan.

Respect Mohammed like he respected Jesus

Omar Chaalal
September 20, 2006 --

Mohammed spoke of Jesus with respect - why can't the Pope respect our Prophet? It is the right of every human, according to God, whether you name him God or whether you name him Allah to have a shelter, food, a nation, security, dignity, respect, and consideration.

What is deplorable is to hear that the Pope has been quoted to say that Islam was spread by the sword, that Islam is the religion of ignorance, that it is not compatible with the mind, a religion based on violence - or words to that effect. Far from being a "religion" of ignorance, Islam is a world community, which is not roaming in the "dark ages" as his Holiness seems to think. It is a culture that has seen the re-birth of the word of God and has seen the rise of great scholars.

His Holiness forgot that Al Ghazali said "I think therefore I am" and Descartes took it from him, not to mention that Ibn Roushd was the one who brought the Greek philosophy to the West via Spain. Muslims are respectful of the word of God and they are not belligerent by nature. Who raises the cries of war? Who raises their power against innocent blood? Who sends their armed forces to once peaceful countries? Who treats every Muslim as a pariah, even in its own country?

Ultimately, the question is who behaves as an ignorant? Look around you - and tell me - who? What is also deplorable is for a superpower dictating to the world that it is all right for the USA and Israel to bear arms, to maintain paramilitary units, to design and build nuclear warheads, sell armaments, and at the same time deny other nations the same rights - what hypocrisy and blatant misuse of foreign policy.

Nationalism is the right to protect one's country and one's people from harm. Every nation will attest to that. Kurtis Cooper, spokesperson for the US State Department states that religious and ethnic hatred is not acceptable. However, out of the mouths of the US administration come words like, "the enemy," "fight them in their land," "it's us against them," "the bad guys," "we are in it for the long haul," "bring in the Kurds, then the Shiites and then the Sunnis will fall in," and one wonders why there is such political unrest and unease in the world.

Freedom of speech is a right, but what is not a right is to defame one's God, beliefs, and a nation's choices of how they govern. Why does US President George W. Bush dress his democracy in the skirts of rightwing theology and then say that if you differ in your ideology, such as being an Islamist or a Communist, we will bomb the hell out of you?

What gives you the right to use "carrots and sticks" such as bribery, torture, and the press in the name of the stars and stripes and Jesus? Now that I have your full attention, why do you infer that Muslims do not know how to govern, look after their children, understand the judicial system, or do banking.

I must tell you that Muslims are very well educated, have strong work ethics, excellent health standards, strong family ties and discipline that the Western world would do well to emulate. My wish is that we would all realize that we are brothers and sisters under God and as such live in peace!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Based on what has happened, it is clear that the new pope is a stupid, ignorance and uneducated man.

He seems loss when making that stupid speech He didn't do his studies before commenting on Islam.

He is a shame to his people and his religion. This is what differs him from the late Pope Benedict.

The late Pope Benedict is a man of high intelligence, respectful, admirable and loveable, knowledgeable and high dignity.

This what make him far below than Late Pope Benedict whom every peoples no matter what religions and belief held high up than most famous peoples.
I rate his brain capacity only 0.5% of what the Respectful Late Pope Benedict have had.

10:43 PM  

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